Puppy Mill Q&a Animal Lovers Spend A Lot Of Time Talking About Puppy Mills, Often With Enough Vehemence To Raise Eyebrows.

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Food SA warns local food industry facing more collapses unless South Australians support it strongly

Picture: Matt Turner Source: News Limited FURTHER collapses are inevitable in the state’s food sector unless all South Australians make a bigger effort to support locally grown and manufactured food, the industry’s peak body Food SA warns. In the wake of Spring Gully Foods woes this year and challenging trading conditions, the food industry is trying to awaken a stronger desire among consumers to buy home grown and manufactured foods. Food SA, through its new Buy SA Consumer Award in conjunction with advertiser.com.au, is attempting to boost customers’ awareness about the state’s food companies Chief executive Catherine Barnett said it is vital for everyone to get behind the SA food industry, the state’s largest employer and biggest industry. VOTE NOW: What’s your favourite SA food brand? “South Australia’s food industry has been challenged in tough times yet continues to perform well contributing $14.3 billion in revenue to the economy in 2011-12 and employing 150,000 people – that’s nearly one in five of the state’s workforce,” she said. “Food remains the largest manufacturing segment in South Australia and more than ever is vital webpage to the state as both the backbone and heart of the economy.” Ms Barnett urged consumers to help the food industry by supporting SA brands first and foremost, asking their supermarket to stock Australian brands and switch to Australian food brands. “Consumers are lucky to have some of the very best quality, safe, innovative and diverse products and produce on their doorstep in South Australia,” she said. SHARE WITH US: Your favourite Bung Fritz experience? “There are benefits to consumers in buying a South Australian product as the knock on effects reach far beyond the company to potentially hundreds of suppliers including growers, packaging, freight, hospitality, retail and business services.” In the Buy SA Consumer Award, South Australians are invited to head to advertiser.com.au and vote for their favourite food company. The Food SA poll follows other campaigns it has run this year including Shop &Swap and Eat Local.
This particular was released http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/08/markets-australia-stocks-idUSL4N0G908F20130808 from